Want to find the perfect operator for your site?

Free up your time, keep ownership of your assets. And have peace of mind, knowing you have a rock solid operator.

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Do I need an Operator?

If you have a profitable online business thatn a proven operator may help you to get you your time back.

What is a Chief Operator?

A Chief Operator does everything a CEO or Owner would do.

What do they have?

A track record building 6-8 figure internet businesses.

What are they looking for?

Profit or equity share in return for running your business.

Why is this so gamechanging?

Finding an operator is tough and there is no central place to find them.

Can't I just post on Indeed?

You could if you have a standard role and salary.

Profit or Equity share?

Both of these helps attract the best talent and aligns incentives.

What opportunities are not a good fit?

We only focus on a narrow set of opportunities for Operators, so check if yours is a fit:

Sweaty Startups

Unfortunately we do not help find operators for physical businesses.

Must be profitable

Your business must currently be making money.

Recruiters for Corporate

Operator roles are autonomous roles for entrepreneur minded managers.

Micro Manager Roles

Experienced operators are not looking for someone to micro manage them.

Startup Ideas

There are better places to find your ideal co-founder for an idea.

Short Term Thinking

Owners should be looking to build long term relationships with operators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

We recommend a trial period for everyone. Often you know pretty quickly based on the results of this trial period. Even after the trial period, equity and profit share can be tied to certain time or performance based milestones. This lets you confirm their affect on your business before partnering with them full time.

Everyone has different skills, an Operator might be amazing at running an online business but less skilled at starting one from scratch. Operators can also buy a business and this can be a great option but you have to learn about raising a fund or debt. This is often outside their experience so operator opportunities let them focus on doing what they love but with the profit/equity share upside.

This is a good question to address at the start. There may be certain profit goals to hit before a sale in 2 years or it may be more of a long term hold strategy. Check with the operator first to check that both your visions line up. Once they do, you can use profit and equity to

One option to give equity upside without giving up ownership stake in the company is to use phantom equity. This means if you sell the Operator gets that % of the company agreed but it does not give them ownership in the meantime. This is a common option for really great operators.

No one probably does that! But even if an operator comes in and does everything at 90%, how much is that time gained worth to you? And you might find that a specialised operator is able to leverage their experience to grow your company faster than you. Just from having a fresh perspective and different sets of experience.

It is currently free to post an opportunity out to operators. In the near future this will become a paid option.

We aim to post out every relevant opportunity but we may reject opportunities that do not fit our criteria for operators. If this happens, we will give you feedback on what we could change or improve to send it out. We also have a waitlist of opportunities so we cannot guarantee that your opportunity will get sent out immediately. If your opportunity is urgent, make sure you let us know in the form.

Unfortunately not. Just like with any job posting, you can increase your chances of finding the perfect person but can't guarantee it. If you are interested in a more concierge service to help find the perfect operator for you. Feel free to reach out to Sam to discuss.

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