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Operator opportunities often get shared in back channels. You may hear about opportunities that exist within your network but what about outside of that? I believe every experienced Operator has at least a dozen opportunities that they do not know exist. Subscribe to get them sent to your inbox every fortnight:

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What is a Chief Operator?

Operator is a term that gets used pretty loosely, so here is what would make you a good fit:

What is a Chief Operator?

A Chief Operator does everything a CEO or Owner would do.

What do they have?

A track record building 6-8 figure internet businesses.

What are they looking for?

Profit or equity share in return for running your business.

Where are your opportunties

Opportunities often get shared on back channels.

One Central Place

Find all the opportuntiies that might suit you, direct in your inbox.

Profit or Equity share?

Get more upside than just a traditional salary.

What Operators are not a good fit?

We only focus on a narrow set of Operators, which means the opportunities may not suit everyone.

Online Only

Unfortunately all our operators are only focused on on line busineses.

Must be profitable

All businesses must be making or have made a consistent profit.

Boring Corporate Roles

No studgy large offices that require a suit and cubicle


Experienced operators are not looking for someone to micro manage them.

Startup Ideas

There are better places to find your ideal co-founder for an idea.

Remote Work Ok

Some roles will be fully remote and some will be timezone dependent

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

If you apply for an Operator role you are indicating an interest to learn more. Depending on the site owner, this will be through an email or call with more information. Once you start a new role, we recommend a trial period for everyone. Often you know pretty quickly what the site owner will be like to work with, based on the results of this trial period.

This is definitely a great option for some people. But everyone has different skills and experience. If you love business and improving them then you get to just focus on that. You don't have to hustle for 1-3 years to get an idea off the ground or work out how to raise financing and diligence a business. Get an email with opportunities sent to you, jump on a call with the site owner. And you could be running their site with an equity or profit share upside in less than a week.

This is a good question to address right at the start as it varies a lot between site owners. Some site owners may have certain profit goals to hit so that they can hit a certain multiple in 2-3 years. Or instead of exiting, the owner may plan more of a long term hold strategy. Check with the site owner first to check that both your visions line up. Once you share the same vision, you can split equity or profit share to keep everyone incentivised to achieve that vision.

Definitely. If you are optimising for safety a salary role would suit you best. If you want more access to upside and believe in your abilities. Then a equity or profit share can be a great alternative to capture that upside.

The most common types of operators that site owners are looking for include: Content / Media sites eCommerce SaaS Marketplace Community Amazon FBA

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