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Your little black book of vetted operators, site owners and investors. Sharing advice, partnership opportunities and deals.

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Your little black book?

Meet like minded operators, site owners and investors for online businesses.

Buying 6-8 figures

The majority of members are buying in this range

Online Only

All businesses are online only, no sweaty startups here

Not what you know...

Grow the number of people you know doing interesting things

Modern day rolodex

Getting answers from more experienced members is a cheat code

Answers you can't find on Google

Discuss specific issues that are more in depth

Professional Recommendations

Need a lawyer, accountant or broker? Get recommendations.

What we value

We build 10 year relationships

We believe we will be buying businesses long term

We give first

‍When we join we offer value to other members such as useful possible connections before asks

We are not followers

Every member is pioneering their own journey

We respect each others time

We only share interesting non-googlable questions

We keep everything confidential

Unless otherwise stated, everything in the community is confidential

We love what we do

Build whatever kind of portfolio you want!

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